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Completely customized to your group - I will speak to your audience's pain points, opportunities and overall take a walk in your shoes. I will use examples from your industry and may even sneak audience member photos into my presentation 

An energetic and interactive talk - Because events don't generate buzz when speakers show up passive

Content that's a blend of story and empirical research -  I generally believe people buy based on emotion and justify with facts. But you do need both. Not every audience member is the same. 

Live coaching - Time-permitting, I will coach participants from stage. No party tricks, just showing the audience they can improve in a matter of minutes

What you can expect in a Mike Talk

Craft and Commerce

- Haley Janicek

Choosing Mike to precede our headlining keynote wasn’t just a decision; it was a statement of trust in his ability to captivate and engage the audience.

As a seasoned speaker and speaking coach, Mike not only trains others to deliver powerful talks but sets a towering standard himself. His speech was not just a warm-up; it was a masterclass in holding the audiences attention and being just as memorable.

A masterclass in holding the audiences attention

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Think Better Live Better

- Marc and Angel Chernoff

When Mike spoke at our semi-annual Think Better, Live Better conference, he had our audience captivated and smiling for 30 minutes straight. His jokes landed, and he knocked his points out of the park. We look forward to hiring him again at a future event. 

He had our audience captivated and smiling for 30 minutes straight.

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Forward Mastermind

- Neel Dhingra

Mike wasn't the most famous speaker at our event. But after his talk, he was the one with the longest line of people waiting to speak to him.

Mike was the one with the longest line of people waiting to speak to him.

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Event Organizer, Showit Spark

- Cassie Jones

The wisdom he shares is delivered in meaningful and impactful ways that will help everyone in the room apply and step into a version of their best selves. Mike has a true gift for storytelling and connecting to the audience on a deeply personal level, not only from the stage but off the stage as his presence at any event is enjoyed and valued by many.

It's not often we encounter a speaker that will leave such a memorable experience in our minds.

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Metaphorically speaking, a lot of us do the same when we start a speech: we make it all about ourselves. We read our resume to the audience.

Y’all. We don’t need to do that. At best that comes off as braggy; more likely it comes off as insecure. 

Don't be that guy.

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