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There’s something like 30 million presentations in the corporate world every day. Most of those are not good. And when a presentation is not good - when it’s unclear or lacking focus - you’ve wasted thousands of dollars in salaries and opportunity cost. 

1-1 Individual Coaching

Problem is, that's just not your biggest strength. Standing in front of people and getting them fired up? That's a totally different animal.

That's where I come in.

I’m Mike Pacchione. A bit of a speech nerd. I used to fall asleep listening to taped (taped!) Martin Luther King sermons. I’ve flown all over the world helping leaders and employees ramp up their communication skills.

My approach isn't about transforming you into someone you're not. It's about leveraging your natural strengths and personality, so you can be yourself in front of any audience. No more wondering how to be this polished, charismatic speaker - just focus on owning the room as yourself.

Think personal training, but for speeches.

Some of the reasons people have asked for individual coaching:

• "Poor public speaking is holding me back from a promotion"
• "I'm good at this but I need to be excellent."
• "I need to learn to make dry material interesting"
• "I'm not good at pitches and our company has lost deals because of it."
• "I don't embarrass myself, but as a leader I need to be inspirational."
• "I present regularly and want to be as great a presenter as I can be."
• "I want to be a top-notch storyteller."
• "If Serena Williams needs a coach then I need a coach too"  

You're an expert at your job, but now you're in a role where you're expected to be this charismatic public speaker, commanding the room in high-stakes meetings, pitches and at conferences.  

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I watched Mike recite the Gettysburg Address with such gusto that I procured a musket to join the ranks. He’s also helped me take my communication to the next level, whether it’s a keynote, a vision presentation or leading a meeting.

- Ryan Delk

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He's also helped me take my communication to the next level...

CEO, Primer
Forbes 30 Under 30

...not just in presenting but in advocating for what I need to do to do my job well. Striving for perfectionism was killing my confidence. Through our sessions I’ve been able to let go of some things I’ve needed to let go of.

- Angel Marie

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I feel so much more confident

Creator Educator, ConvertKit

He’s helped me be more creative. He’s helped me navigate morale boosts awkwardly taking place over Zoom. Overall, I have grown in confidence as a leader, and have seen our team grow closer and perform better.

- Dave Kuruguntla

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Mike has helped me present with clarity. 


Since working with Mike, I’ve been able to consistently up-level my delivery of talks and receive glowing feedback from the audience. He helped me find the levers I needed to pull and showed me how to feel comfortable even when presenting in stressful situations. I stopped over-explaining and started presenting as if I were the right man for the job...which, with Mike’s help, I now believe to be true.

- Mark Cruth

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I needed to be excellent. 

Modern Work Coach / Evangelist Atlassian 

I needed help with how I communicate at work- 1:1, in meetings, and while making presentations. With Mike's help, I stopped feeling rattled by non-verbal feedback. I learned how to better lead meetings, in-person and virtual.


what people are saying

He instilled a ton of confidence in me and I’m very grateful for it.

Director, Partner Engineering Slack

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We will create a plan that's specific to you and your needs. 

Collaborate with me and learn to love the mic, not flee from it. 

Personal Coaching

Ready to join me?

(And for the rest of your life, you’ll know how to create talks that build trust with your audience) 

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Metaphorically speaking, a lot of us do the same when we start a speech: we make it all about ourselves. We read our resume to the audience.

Y’all. We don’t need to do that. At best that comes off as braggy; more likely it comes off as insecure. 

Don't be that guy.

Win over your audience in 13 seconds

Be the Speaker Everyone Remembers


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