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Most presenters sound blah. Low enthusiasm and far too much information for a 30-45 minute talk. The end result is someone reading a blog post to a room of hundreds. 
Conferences invite speakers based on expertise. 

But when their speaking ability isn’t up to snuff, clients send me text messages like these:

for your conference

Speaker Coaching

Speaker Coaching

I conduct a 1-2 hour interactive training session on the essentials of an effective and engaging conference presentation. 


Live master training. 


Conferences pay for each speaker to have a 1-1 with me. I help them get the ideas out of their own heads and present them in a manner that’s clear and cohesive. 


Pre-arranged 45 minute 1-1 sessions


4-8 weeks of helping speakers decide on their message, refine it and get feedback from the group. By the time they hit the real stage (aka the conference) they know their speech is good. 


Live group coach over zoom


Three ways we’ve done this in the past:

I customize a program specifically for the speakers of your conference. 

That’s where Mike comes in. 

- Cassie Jones, Showit

Few times in life do we come across something or someone who is truly so beneficial as Mike's expertise on crafting the best speech. Not only is Mike a wonderful human and a delight to work with, his advice will stick with you as you walk onward from his teaching and every future presentation has his influence all over it.

He's a magician who will turn the most awkward human (hi, it's me!) into someone who now crafts them with confidence and uses the knowledge he gave in personal and professional ways often. Now speeches aren't quite as scary and dare I say, every once and a while, a little fun.  

He's a magician who will turn the most awkward human (hi, it's me!) into someone who now crafts speeches with confidence.


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Listen to Vanessa detail the whole experience (then hear her speech)

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Conference Coaching

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Metaphorically speaking, a lot of us do the same when we start a speech: we make it all about ourselves. We read our resume to the audience.

Y’all. We don’t need to do that. At best that comes off as braggy; more likely it comes off as insecure. 

Don't be that guy.

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