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Create an unforgettable talk that builds trust with any audience.

Marketers would tell me what I’m supposed to do is create a colorful, flashy sales page with a bunch of testimonials, bonuses, etc. 

You will see a touch of that in the below. I do want you to know this is worth your investment. 

But mostly what I want to offer you is a candid view on what you’re getting when you sign up for Speech Club. 

Said differently: if I were on the other side of this conversation, what would I be wondering about? That’s what I’ll try to answer below. 

Speech Club teaches you how a winning speech builds trust with any audience

Other benefits: 

As a human being, you will be more confident

Your stories will better entertain people on podcasts, panels and at cocktail parties

You wind up scripting not only your speech, but your answers for questions you can use in future interviews. I hear this from speakers all the time. No searching for words or thinking of the perfect example 15 minutes after the interview ends. You’ve done the work ahead of time. 

Program promise

You’ll exit with an unforgettable signature talk that connects and earns trust with any audience at any time. 

It will be a battle-tested speech. It probably won’t be flawless, but it will be (at minimum) good. You’ll know what’s great and anything that’s needs further refinement. You’ll be well on your way to the best speech of your life. 

…and, as you prepare future speeches, you’ll always know exactly what to do. For the rest of your life. Well worth the investment

That’s me,
Mike Pacchione! 

As best I can tell, this is my calling. For better or worse, I usually wind up caring about your speech as much as you do. 

Here’s the most important thing you can know about me: 

I’ve helped speakers around the world deliver the best speech of their life.

Every time I teach Speech Club, I create videos from scratch. Most business friends think this is a bad use of time; it’s evergreen content after all. The reason I do it is so I can customize the videos to the specific people in the cohort. Because your success matters to me. 

Who is teaching this, exactly?

Jamie Bruesehoff

Rosemary Lewis

Mark Leruste

Prerna Malik

Gareth Pronovost

Andrea Davis

Robin Laird

Chris Failla

(just to name a few)

Speech Club Alumni

Unstoppable Cultures
Raise Conference 
PA Economic Developer Association
University of Texas
Craft and Commerce
Rider University
University of Mississippi
National Converge Autism Summit
NRECA Connect Conference
DevRelCon London
API Days
We Empower Her
Women’s Realtor Summit
The Plug Mastermind 
Unstoppable Cultures
Raise Conference 
PA Economic Developer Association
University of Texas
Craft and Commerce
Rider University
University of Mississippi
National Converge Autism Summit
NRECA Connect Conference
DevRelCon London
API Days
We Empower Her
Women’s Realtor Summit
The Plug Mastermind 

English Premiere League
Business Made Simple
Neptune Energy
Girls With Grit Conference

Speech Club alums have gone on to present at places like

featured locations continued

Past Results

Andrea needed to develop a speech she could deliver repeatedly

Listen to this interview with Andrea Davis

After Speech Club, Andrea has delivered the best speech of her life. She sent me a text afterwards that made me so proud. She was speaking at someone else’s conference and no one knew who she was. She gave the speech and left her audience in disbelief. As she walked off the stage one of the speakers looked at her and said “You knocked it out of the park. Really. That was incredible. That was exactly what parents needed to hear.”

Robin took Speech Club for career development

you’ll want to hear from Robin Laird

Robin took Speech Club to prepare herself. Now people in her industry are asking her for storytelling advice.
I am like a proud parent. 

Mark was already a strong speaker, but wanted to be all he could be

check out my interview with Mark Leruste

His book "Glow in the Dark" just published, which landed him in Forbes. So did he have anything to learn in Speech Club? He sure did. Check out Mark’s breakdown of how to take advantage of class, even if you consider yourself good already. 

Vanessa discusses the whole experience (and we play her speech at the end)

listen to my podcast with Vanessa Kynes

Vanessa's end speech was going to be five minutes. That's really short when you care about your topic. She and I talk what we discussed in class, the decisions we helped her make AND you get to hear her speech at the end of the interview. 

Name Dropping 

But Mike, 

I’d rather read cherry-picked testimonials

what people are saying / 


Speech Club was the perfect combination of inspiring and practical.

Mike's content and coaching are top-notch, but it was his expertise combined with the interaction and feedback from the other participants that took the experience to the next level."

Jamie Bruesehoff writer and speaker


Honestly, I was kind of skeptical that it was right for me,

But Mike is the kind of guy who would open up a dog training school specifically to disprove the idiom about old dogs. In the first 10 minutes I already had a couple new tricks."

Adam Duvander
author of Developer Marketing Does Not Exist


This was a phenomenal experience.

John Dictson
Senior Product Manager, Adobe

Would recommend."



Mike is equal parts magician, speech scientist, and storyteller.

Prerna Malik
Content Bistro

He just KNOWS what separates a good speech from a great one and will give you tactical strategies that you'll continue to use long after you've stopped working with him. He's like one of those teachers you have in school who you continue to credit for your success years after you've graduated. 

• Weekly 90-minute group coaching call where you workshop your speech, interact with fellow group members, and ask me questions directly

• All the on-demand training videos to help you build the best speech of your life. You will have access to those trainings for life or until the internet stops being a thing

• 45-minute personal Zoom call exclusively with me, in addition to the class itself. You can cash in on that 1-1 Zoom call any time between now and the year 2026.

• A chance to be on my podcast and/or for me to connect you with other speakers + entrepreneurs. It’s a lot easier for me to promote you when I know who you are + how great you speech is. 

The Tonic Site Shop slide template. So you’re not designing from scratch. World-class. Jen has designed for big famous clients like Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, Ben Higgins, etc. Her template is fantastic. 

• Bonus lesson: The Business of Speaking (pitching, charging, contracts) 

• Bonus lesson: Pitching Yourself to Podcasts

• Other bonus lessons TBA depending on class need

For that you will get

Cool. How much does it cost?

4000 US dollars. 

(Yes, We Can Do A Finance Plan)

And again: for the rest of your life, you’ll have all the tools to deliver an excellent speech. Well worth the investment. 




• Honing your delivery to be fully present on stage
• Presenting in a way where your audience is rooting for you
• Feedback that’s specific to you - what your strengths are and how to amplify them




• Putting yourself in the right mental state. Where you’re walking on stage unintimidated by the audience. Where you feel like you’re the right person to deliver this talk
• Bonus: how to rehearse 



Writing the Talk

• An introduction that hooks people and holds their attention throughout your entire talk
• An outro that gets applause (real applause, not the obligatory stuff), leaves people wanting more and converts attendees into fans (and buyers)
• The 7 ways to structure your talk so it’s entertaining + holds your audience’s attention




• Creating slides that don’t replace your talk, but amplify it 
• Design principles to help the perceived value of your talk
• Inserting your personality into your slides (and the talk itself)


take aways

What will I learn from Speech Club?

Week 1: Telling a Story From Stage  
Week 2: Building Blocks of a Great Speech
Week 3: Content - Brainstorming + Organizing the Talk
Week 4: Intros and Outros
Week 5: Making it Memorable
Week 6: The Art and Science of Slides
Week 7: The 5 most important parts of delivery
Week 8: Practicing delivery
Week 9: Psychology of presenting
Week 10: Final presentation  

week-to- week summary:

bird's eye view

Votes are in

Everything is over Zoom, so you just need to be able to
a) attend; and
b) begin with a speech topic.

All classes are 90 minutes long. Most of that time is spent on implementation + giving feedback

Speech Club begins with 60-minute Happy Hour Orientation so we can meet each other, discuss goals and learn about a quirk or two. 

logistics & requirements

(I can help with that if you’re feeling stuck) 

He pressed play on his existing keynote. Immediately I asked why he had his hand in his pockets. Then I recommended a different beginning. And we were off.

Don gives that keynote all over the world now. He’s shared stages with Tony Robbins and George Clooney. I figure if someone with his background was helped by me, there’s a pretty good chance you will be too.

Spoiler alert...he didn’t

My greatest fear, as it relates to speaking, is that I’m teaching you stuff you already know. If that happens, we can either work out a refund or a customized option for you.

But honestly? I realllllllllly doubt it will.

My first engagement with Donald Miller jumps to mind. This was early 2017. By this point Don had presented all over the world - business speeches, church speeches the opening prayer at the Democratic National Convention, you name it. I remember flying to Nashville thinking he’d know everything already. 

I’m already good at speaking. Will this help me?


It’s an investment of $4000 for an education on speeches that will change your life. 

And for the rest of your life, you'll know how to create a talk that builds trust with any audience.

Speech Club 2024

Ready to join me?

In the first week after her TEDx talk, Robin landed another speaking gig, added subscribers to her YouTube channel and received praise from basically everyone who heard her speak. Her message will spread even more when the talk is available online

A biochemistry master turned YouTuber, Robin Laird knew she needed to get better at communicating complex ideas. So she joined Speech Club. She didn't have a signature speech in mind - she just knew she'd need to be excellent on a stage someday.

A year later, she had her chance at TEDxAU College in Amsterdam. 

And she nailed it.
Press play on the above video to see how Speech Club (in particular the group format) made all the difference  for Robin 

From Youtube to TedX



the end result

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Metaphorically speaking, a lot of us do the same when we start a speech: we make it all about ourselves. We read our resume to the audience.

Y’all. We don’t need to do that. At best that comes off as braggy; more likely it comes off as insecure. 

Don't be that guy.

Win over your audience in 13 seconds

Be the Speaker Everyone Remembers


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